NSN#7110-01-476-2954, Class 5 Weapons Containers, Single Lock, Gray, SG2937 Lock


Class 5 Weapons Containers

Single Lock, Gray, SG2937 Lock

GSA Approved

GSA Approved (FED SPEC AA-C-2859, latest, revision)

CLASS 5W –WEAPONS CONTAINERS (Fed. Spec. AA-C-2859) Class 5 filing cabinets are GSA-approved for the storage of small amounts of Risk Category II, III, and IV Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives (AA&E).

These containers are not intended to store classified materials These containers are designed for the secure storage of rifles, pistols  of most calibers, riot shotguns and shoulder fired automatic weapons  and ammunition.   All containers come standard with the S&G 2937 lock. There are many available accessories available with this weapons storage container.

(SG2937 Lock per Fed Spec IAW FF-L-2937)

Unit will bear the GSA Approval Label for the approved storage of Weapons, OR, Ammunition.

 ***These containers are not intended for the storage of classified materials.***

Accessories available include:

State Department Rifle cart –  will house 14 weapons – 28 ½” Hi barrel Support or 36 ½” Hi Barrel Support

Standard Rifle cart  – will hold sixteen M16’s on each side for a total of 32 per cart  –

Special configuration – which will house the M1 or M14 weapon, 12 on each side, for a total of 24. –

Weapon Drawers

Correspondence Drawer

Pistol Racks

9MM beretta pistol rack –

.45 and .38 caliber pistol rack –

Adjustable or Sliding Shelf

Security Locker

Drawer Dividers (Center and Quarter, Pistol Inserts)

Drawer Liner

Note: Standard color of accessories is parchment


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